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Join the Teach & Learn Thailand Internship Program!

We welcome fluent English speakers! Book your place today on this amazing cultural exchange program!

Option A - JUST £980

120 hour TEFL certificate in Bangkok followed by 2.5 month teaching in Thailand internship

Option B - JUST £499

120 hour On-line TEFL certificate followed by 2.5 month teaching in Thailand internship

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Teach & Learn Thailand internship package includes

  • 120 hr TEFL certificate either on-line TEFL or on campus in Bangkok
  • Experience beautiful Thailand as part of a dedicated cultural exchange program
  • Monthly living allowance of THB 15,000* (approx £350)
  • Airport transfer (designated arrival dates only)
  • Full orientation** session in Bangkok including accommodation
  • Free accommodation
  • Ongoing support from local coordinators in Thailand
  • Emergency contact 24/7
  • Onward transfer from orientation venue to school
  • Latest Edition Lonely Planet E-Guide
  • Go further! More TEFL job assistance after your Thailand teaching adventure!
  • Non degree holders, gap year students and all fluent English speakers welcome to apply
  • Start January, May, July or November
  • Fully inclusive package – great for first time teachers!

*Average local salary in Thailand is around THB 6,000 monthly
*Participants doing the Bangkok TESOL option will receive some orientation as part of the course.

From the application process to my arrival in Thailand it was stress free and I have been supported throughout.

Ceri Lennon, Thailand

The Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho, Bangkok

How does teaching in Thailand work?

  • Earn your TEFL qualification either On-line or on campus in Bangkok
  • Take part in a full orientation in Bangkok when you arrive
  • Start your teaching adventure and teach English as a foreign language in Thailand!

Teach English in Thailand, at a glance

  • No degree required
  • Program open to all fluent English speakers
  • Teach English at local government schools or at an educational institute in Thailand
  • Share this experience with lots of other intern teachers
  • Help students gain confidence in using English
  • Fantastic cultural immersion experience
  • No Thai language skills required

Teach & Learn Thailand Dates

January, May, July and November - exact dates to be confirmed.

About the TEFL course

Get ready for your Thailand teaching internship with an intensive 3 week TESOL course in Bangkok.

  • Study abroad at the on campus training centre in Bangkok
  • Spend 3 weeks living, studying and acclimatizing in central Bangkok with all accommodation included
  • Teaching observation and practice at Local or Monk School and an Ayutthaya Excursion
  • Accredited by ALAP
  • Approved & verified by Thailand Ministry of Education
  • Internationally recognized and accredited TESOL qualification from UK which can be used to teach all around the globe
  • Earn the TESOL with lots of other teacher interns!
  • Enjoy fabulous Bangkok and its exciting nightlife!

Get ready for your Thailand teaching internship with a comprehensive On-Line TEFL course.

  • 120 hour on-line TEFL qualification
  • Provides comprehensive introduction to EFL methods
  • The right preparation for life in the classroom for those with little or no teaching experience
  • Get the qualification without leaving your home
  • Receive expert guidance and ongoing support from experienced, well-qualified tutors
  • Internationally recognized and accepted qualification
  • Work at your own pace without time restrictions

Best Value Guaranteed stamp

Why Teach & Learn Thailand?

  • Amazing opportunity to gain TEFL certification and try out teaching English abroad without making a long term commitment
  • 2.5 month placement at a reputable school
  • Free accommodation throughout your stay
  • Teach approximately 20 classes per week
  • Great immersion experience
  • Earn a sufficient local salary
  • 24/7 ongoing professional support from experienced in-country reps
  • Assistance with lesson planning & curriculum provided through the Academic Team
  • Regular teaching schedule so that you can gain practical TEFL teaching experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Experience the warmth and generosity of beautiful Thailand!
  • More support with applications to other teaching programs after Thailand
  • Best value guaranteed

Skills & Qualities

  • No degree necessary
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Applicants from outside of native English speaking countries also welcome to apply
  • Cultural sensitivity

Why apply to teach in Thailand through ESLstarter?

We have been organizing teaching placements in Thailand for over 8 years! During this time, we have placed 1,000s of teachers into teaching programs in Thailand. Our staff have extensive knowledge of the Thailand school system having themselves taught English in Thailand previously. We will work with you directly through every step of the application process and ensure your transition to Thailand runs smoothly. Our internship placements in Thailand offer a good local salary, accommodation, airport transfer, orientation, lunch at the school and the chance to experience the real Thailand by teaching there and contributing to the local community.

Check out our Teacher Testimonials for more!

About Thailand

Dive into Thailand’s myriad of attractions including...

Ko Chang

A sultry island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand that will wow even the most ardent beach connoisseur!


Tuk tuks, monks, malls, temples, elephants and everything in between jostle for position on the streets of Thailand’s steamy capital.

Chiang Rai

Stately Chiang Rai offers a soothing northern welcome and is the perfect escape from Thailand’s hedonistic beach scene.


Thailand’s less visited region provides a glimpse into a more traditional way of life as well as some spectacularly fiery cuisine!


Health Care

The standard of health care in Bangkok is excellent and in the provincial capitals it is very good. From the rural areas it's probably best to head to a provincial capital to get the best treatment. Most doctors speak English and pharmacies are plentiful even throughout the smaller towns and cities.


Dive in and try it! Thai food is simply world-class! From fiery red curries to stuffed pork omelet, from mouth-melting mango salad to tangy chicken soup, Thai cuisine is hot, bursting with flavor and utterly addictive. Street vendors with an ardent following of local diners are always a great bet for a cheap and tasty fill! If you long for some home comfort food, Western restaurants serving up European and American food are never far away.

Travelling in Thailand

The best (and cheapest!) way to see Thailand is to do as the locals do and hop on a bus. The country is well-served by a bus network that reaches into even the most remote of spots, far from the tourist crowds. Fares are extremely competitive with a two hour air-con bus journey costing around THB120. Trains are also an economic way to travel around Thailand. Tickets can be booked on-line or in person and 3rd, 2nd or 1st class carriages are available on the sleeper trains that head north toward Chiang Mai and Nong Khai or south toward Hat Yai, Trang and the Malaysian border.


What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and once you have completed a TEFL qualification, you can teach ESL abroad in a wide variety of countries. There are a few different types of courses for teaching English in Asia, the UAE and many unique destinations, however TEFL and TESOL courses (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are the most common.

How do I learn TEFL?

You can learn TEFL in a number of ways including university courses and even internships in various locations such as China and Argentina. English Language teaching allows you to broaden your horizons and gain experiences you will not find anywhere else. Learning TEFL will allow you to embark on various different adventures including teaching in Asia, South America and the Middle East and considering global language training is becoming increasingly popular, international schools are always crying out for additional ESL teachers.

What locations are available?

All schools are located throughout Thailand and so applicants are encouraged to remain flexible in terms of placement location.

Will there be other native English teachers nearby?

Thailand is an extremely popular country for English teachers. So, it is likely that there will be other foreign teachers living and teaching near to you or only a short bus ride away.

What happens at the orientation?

The orientation covers plenty of ground including essential tips on lesson planning, introduction to Thai culture and history, Thai language, curriculum guidance and practice on teaching English in Thailand!

What is an average weekly teaching schedule?

It is likely that you will have around 20 face to face teaching hours inclusive in a 35 hour week. When not teaching, you will be expected to prep class, attend meetings and do some general admin duties.

What is the student age range?

The teaching internships in Thailand are mostly with government schools and universities and so students are usually from kindergarten to high school age (4 – 18 year olds).

What do I need to wear to school?

The Thais favour a smart appearance for teachers so the usual work attire would be a shirt, tie and trousers for the guys and skirt and blouse for the girls.

Is housing provided?

Yes, accommodation is provided throughout the duration of the TEFL internship in Thailand. Please note, utilities are not included.

Does ESLstarter assist with the visa process?

Yes, ESLstarter will assist interns through the visa process. Please note, the actual visa fee is not included in the program fee and is the responsibility of the applicant.

Do I need any vaccinations for Thailand? What happens if I get sick?

There are no required vaccinations, although Hepatitis A and B are recommended. The vaccinations are also available within Thailand. Malaria is not a significant issue in Thailand. Western style clinics with English speaking doctors are plentiful. Pharmacies offering recognised Western medicines are also available. Please note, this information is for guidance purposes only - we would always recommend that applicants talk with their GP for the latest information on vaccinations for the Far East.

Can I send money home from Thailand?

t’s easy to send money back to your home bank account via wire transfer and this can be done from most high street banks.

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