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Learn Chinese in China and teach English!

The Learn Mandarin Teach China program is an intensive language exchange that offers you the chance to learn Chinese in China whilst also giving back to the local community by teaching English.


  • Free Mandarin Chinese classes with professional teachers at an accredited and prestigious Chinese university
  • Accommodation provided (close to public transport links)
  • Receive an RMB 2,000 monthly living allowance
  • Flight contribution RMB 4,000 provided on program completion
  • Discover beautiful Sichuan province, home of the panda sanctuary and fiery hot pot!
  • Visa sponsorship allowing you to legally study in China
  • Course instructors hold a Masters or PhD in CSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language)
  • Gain practical experience teaching English as a Second Language

Dates & Deadlines for learning Chinese in Chengdu

  • Start:

February 2018

  • Application Deadline:

No later than January 10th 2018

Please note, a deposit of USD 500 is payable for this program. This commitment helps the local support staff to plan their resources and ensure you have the best possible experience when you arrive in China. The deposit is refundable throughout the program duration. It is non refundable in the event of withdrawal from the program for whatever reason.

Why do an internship in China

An internship in Chengdu is a great way to expand your horizons, discover one of China’s most beautiful and dramatic regions and gain valuable international experience.

Many employers are looking for people with Mandarin language ability. What better way to learn Mandarin than with professional teachers in top Chinese universities! All this can be done while teaching English, earning a monthly stipend and receiving free accommodation and meals.

Study Mandarin

  • Expert Mandarin language tuition at Sichuan Normal University
  • Courses are fully accredited and taught by instructors holding a Masters or PhD in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
  • Study on a diverse international campus
  • Tailored study courses to maximize your Mandarin language learning

Learn Mandarin in China with professional teachers

About the teaching

  • 18 classes per week maximum with flexible teaching schedule to suit your needs
  • Two consecutive days off per week
  • Stipend of RMB 2,000 monthly
  • Free accommodation on campus

Study Chinese in China syllabus

Topic areas Summary
Phonetics –Hanyu Pinyin Chinese characters Initials and their features Finals and their features Tones The use of Chinese characters and compositions Writing characters
Personal and social life (Ⅰ) Self, family and personal relationships Self-introduction (name, nationalities, age, telephone numbers, home address, titles) Greetings
Personal and social life (Ⅱ) Family members Number in life Time Family members Order of your siblings Chinese family Cultural connotation of Chinese people’s name
Personal and social life (Ⅲ) Questions Color Direction and position Asking for directions Locations, personal preferences etc. Cultural connection ( Chinese dialects) Asking and giving directions
Personal and social life (Ⅳ) Health/ Body/ Visit friend / See a doctor Body parts Symptoms Going to hospital Discussing past experience
Country / People/ Language Talking about citizenship and language Cultural connection ( Chinese language and related geographical terms)
Work and Occupation Asking and talking about Occupation Asking and talking workplace
Action and Event Hobby /Preference/Obligation Talking about daily life Willingness to do something Use imperative sentences in daily life ( giving instructions)
Evaluating Actions Telling stories ( narration and Inquiry) Reasoning and Arguing Evaluating certain stuffs or events General actions Specific actions

FAQs for learning Chinese in China

1. What level of Chinese is required prior to applying?

Chinese language ability is not required for your application. If you already have some Chinese language knowledge, please let us know and we will make a note on your application.

2. What level will I achieve after studying?

The courses are all accredited and taught by professional teachers who specialize in teaching Chinese to foreigners. Your final level would depend on your progress on the course although every effort is made to make this an intensive learning exercise.

3. What is included in the course and how many classes a week?

The courses consist of two parts, one is standard Chinese listening/speaking/reading/writing, the other part is Chinese culture related courses such as calligraphy, tea art, Sichuan dialect etc. There will be 16 classes each week with 4 classes per study period.

4. What is the class size for the Chinese study?

The class sizes average around 15 students. The maximum number of students per class would be 20.

5. What will be the basic standard of the accommodation?

The accommodation is within the university, normally you would have a self-contained apartment but in some cases, you might share with anther program participant. In this case you would have your own private bedroom although the living space may be shared.

6. What age groups will I be teaching at the organizations?

If you have preferences, we can take these into consideration. However, the classes would cater to a wide variety of students.

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