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Wall Street currently operates eighteen centers in Beijing making it one of the biggest, and most successful, English training organizations in the city. The centers are located in high-end shopping malls, exclusive office buildings, and busy street-level locations.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our teachers and classes, but also on the comfort and atmosphere of our centers. We strive to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for both our students and staff!

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Salary & Benefits

Option A

35 hours a week – 30 contact and 5 office hours

  • 17,000 RMB (approx.. £1,757) base salary + 3,000 RMB city allowance
  • 500 RMB possible monthly bonus
  • 7000 RMB contract completion bonus
  • 15,000.00 RMB signing bonus
  • 10,000.00 RMB flight, visa, criminal background and medical check reimbursement
  • Student and staff referral bonus
  • Lonely Planet E Guide to China
  • Ongoing job support upon program completion

Option B

25 hours a week – 21 contact and 4 office hours

  • 11,200 RMB (approx.. £1,156) base salary + 2,000 RMB city allowance
  • 200 RMB possible monthly bonus
  • 3500 RMB contract completion bonus
  • 10,500.00 RMB signing bonus
  • 10,000.00 RMB flight, visa, criminal background and medical check reimbursement
  • Student and staff referral bonus
  • Lonely Planet E Guide to China
  • Ongoing job support upon program completion

What’s included for teaching in Beijing

  • 'Z' work visa provided
  • Full Coverage medical insurance at recognized hospitals through our insurance provider Pingan
  • 14 nights hotel upon arrival; help finding an apartment
  • 11 days of Chinese national holiday plus 10 days of paid leave/5 days for part time
  • Mandarin Chinese lessons for beginners
  • New hire training plus ongoing seminars and workshops
  • Career opportunities
  • Possible Relocation to new city, center or country
  • Airport pick up

Main responsibilities

  1. Conduct classroom lessons according to the WSE methodology.
  2. Prepare and teach classes in center or online as scheduled.
  3. Give feedback to students
  4. Help students reach the level of English established in their learning objective.
  5. Provide advice and assistance to students, in and out of the classroom.
  6. Be flexible to teach in multiple centers within the same city.
  7. Promote and preserve a pleasant and courteous atmosphere in the Center.


  1. English Native Speaker (U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland)
  2. Bachelor’s Degree
  3. CELTA or a 120 hour TEFL/TESOL certificate
  4. A minimum of 24 months Teaching experience is required, must be post-graduation
  5. Able to get a Criminal Background Check
  6. Willing to work weekends
  7. Sociable, dynamic, inspiring, energetic, and organized

Destination Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. Thousands of years of history have made Beijing the center of Chinese society and culture and, with the rapid economic development of recent years, there is no other city with as dynamic a mix of tradition and modernity. Living in Beijing is an experience unlike any other and we know that you will find your experience here memorable and fulfilling!

The best thing about Beijing is the culture. The culture is really healthy. In the morning, you can see people exercising in the park, people go to bed early. You can feel like you have a healthy life here.

Bonnie, USA

Beijing Blog

If you have landed a teaching job in Beijing, the moment you step off the plane you will discover that the capital city of China is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. It has everything there is to offer from ancient history to the latest advances for a hi-tech lifestyle. Beijing is the heart of China’s economy and culture and the opportunity to live and work there even for a short period of time is an enriching, life-changing experience.

Teachers fortunate enough to work in this exciting city can easily find their way around using a mass transit system that is the envy of the world. Whether you go underground on the subway, train, bus or hail a cab, public transportation is inexpensive and can get you anywhere you need to go throughout the city, anytime day or night.

When it comes to cuisine, Beijing offers a flavor for every taste a person could possibly crave. Not only is it easy to find regional cuisine, but international delights are common as well: barbecue, pizza, sushi, enchiladas, lasagna, curry. Whatever your tastebuds are screaming for, rest assured, they will not have to be denied. In addition to the innumerable restaurants and cafes featuring authentic Chinese food, here are a few other places to try when dining out:

Home Plate BBQ

Home Plate BBQ, 1/F, No 10 Beijing Jidian Yard, South Sanlitun Road. Hungry mouths can enjoy a rack of ribs or pulled pork sandwich. Visitors from Texas, the barbecue capital of the world, have attested to its authentic hardwood smoked flavor whether it is a bowl of chili or plate of juicy brisket.

HuTong Pizza

HuTong Pizza (HouHai GuanShan Pizza), 9 Yindingqiao Hutong, Xicheng. For real Italian flavor, this is the place to go. Their menu offers a wide variety of pizza toppings from vegetarian to seafood in addition to traditional favorites like pepperoni and sausage.

Ganges Indian Restaurant

Ganges Indian Restaurant, Chao Yang District, GuangHua Road 9, ShiMao TianJi. If you get a craving for curry this place serves it up best. Afterwards, try their cashew nut fudge dessert which everyone raves about.

The Taco Bar

The Taco Bar, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu. This is easily a favorite among locals as well as tourists. A full menu of Mexican favorites such as tacos, enchiladas, carnitas are offered alongside tongue tickling cocktails.

Local markets also stock anything a person might need to whip up a recipe of comfort food from back home. Easily recognizable stores can be found in Beijing: Wal-mart, Watsons, Metro, and Carrefour to name a few, not to mention local centers selling fresh, local produce.

In addition to traditional grocery stores are old world style bazaars, modern shopping malls, and boutique shopping centers. Even though a teacher may be transplanted on the other side of the world, all that Beijing has to offer will probably be much the same as what could be found back home.

A teaching job in Beijing is not just work, work, work. With over three thousand years of rich cultural history, there is also plenty of fun, fun, fun. The city is filled with amazing museums, impressive art galleries, concert halls and theaters for many weekends and evenings filled with amusement, wonder and thrills. Off hours can also be enjoyed with simpler pleasures such as listening to poetry readings, relaxing with a cocktail, biking the trails at Olympic park, sweating through a workout at a local gym, or taking in a movie at a modern cinema.

The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum (the Forbidden City), 4 Jingshan Front Street, Dongcheng District. This should be at the top of anyone’s museum to-do list. This is where imperial clans from bygone Chinese eras lived. This is the world’s largest preserved palace complex and is amazingly well preserved and impressive. The infamous Tiananmen Square is near enough to kill two birds with one stone. Plan a day trip to the center of Beijing and see them both.

Ullens Contemporary Art Center

Ullens Contemporary Art Center, 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District. This internationally acclaimed gallery opened its doors in 2007. On exhibit is the largest collection of contemporary Chinese art in the entire world. It is the main attraction of Beijing’s art district so it is a must for a visit while in the city.

Beijing Concert Hall

Beijing Concert Hall, 1 Bei Xinhua St., Xicheng District. This is the first professional concert hall in Beijing. It seats more than 1,000 spectators and during intermission, theatre goers can visit the upper level to pass the time viewing art exhibits.

Mega Box

Mega Box, B1/F, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun, Chaoyang District. This is probably the most popular cinema complex in the city. Viewers can enjoy the latest blockbuster from Hollywood or see a Chinese produced film.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall. Of course, no respectable person can make a trip to China and not visit the The Great Wall. It is a quick and easy drive north, out of town. Plan to pack a picnic and spend the entire day.

No matter what a person’s interest, living and teaching in Beijing is exciting and fulfilling. Once the adjustment is made to being in a new place, it’s really just like living anywhere else in the world. It is a thriving city filled with people who are going about their everyday life. However, knowing that your time is short, you will want to make the best of every moment. Learn a bit of Mandarin, practice managing foreign currency, become familiar with cultural expectations and dive in to the challenge and thrill of living and teaching in Beijing.

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