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Teach English in a Public School in South Korea with EPIK


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Teach English in a Public School in South Korea

Are you interested in teaching English abroad? Do you want to be part of an initiative that impacts thousands of lives positively? If so, the English Program in Korea (EPIK) is perfect for you. This blog will delve into the history, mission, and benefits of the EPIK program, as well as how ESLstarter can support your application from start to finish.

History and Mission of EPIK

EPIK, found on their official website, stands for English Program in Korea, and it was established to improve the English-speaking abilities of students and teachers in Korea. This initiative began in 1995 to enhance Korea's English education system by employing native English-speaking teachers in public schools.

The program's mission extends beyond mere language teaching. EPIK is all about bridging cultural gaps, fostering understanding between different cultures, and empowering Korean learners to engage more actively with the global community.

Improving the Lives of Korean Learners

Through the EPIK program, thousands of Korean learners have acquired not only English proficiency but also a broader understanding of the world. The program's collaborative nature allows students to interact with teachers from various cultures, thereby enhancing their worldview and personal growth.

The presence of native English-speaking teachers in classrooms has proven to boost students' confidence, interest, and ability in English. It offers a more authentic learning experience that local teachers alone may not provide.

Thousands of English Teachers Making a Difference

Over the years, EPIK has seen participation from thousands of English teachers from all walks of life. These teachers have contributed their skills and passion for educating, leaving an indelible mark on the students and communities they've served.

The program also serves as a platform for teachers to grow professionally and personally. Many educators have forged lifelong memories and friendships through their teaching journey in Korea.

ESLstarter: Your Guide to EPIK

If EPIK's mission resonates with you, then ESLstarter is here to guide you through the application process. With years of experience in placing teachers with the EPIK program, ESLstarter offers personalized support to ensure that your transition to teaching in Korea is smooth and stress-free.

From application assistance to orientation, ESLstarter has a dedicated team that understands the intricacies of the EPIK program and can help you every step of the way.

Teaching in Korea: An Incredible Opportunity

South Korea offers an array of amazing locations to teach, from bustling cities like Seoul to tranquil countryside spots. Regardless of your preferences, you'll find a suitable place to embark on your teaching adventure.

Co-teaching with local Korean teachers is a unique aspect of the EPIK program, promoting collaboration and cross-cultural understanding. These relationships often turn into lifelong friendships, enriching the experience further.

Additionally, the benefits package, including competitive salaries and allowances for flights and accommodation, makes teaching in Korea an attractive option for many.


Teaching English in a public school in South Korea through EPIK is more than just a job; it's an opportunity to make a real impact. Whether you're a seasoned teacher or a beginner eager to explore the world of teaching, the support from ESLstarter and the comprehensive benefits of the EPIK program make this a remarkable choice.

With numerous amazing locations available and the chance to work with local Korean co-teachers, teaching in Korea could be the life-changing experience you've been waiting for. Take the first step towards forging lifelong memories and improving the lives of Korean learners by exploring EPIK and connecting with ESLstarter today.

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