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Helpful Tips To Be A Successful Online Tutor

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Tutoring people online has long been a popular career path. One of the things that highlighted it was social media and video sharing site Youtube. People would visit Youtube if they wanted to learn something, and soon enough, teaching people online became a huge thing.

Now, people can earn by being an online tutor through many avenues. There are plenty of companies that launched online tutoring businesses, which hire any capable individual in particular fields from all over the world. This would eventually lead to this profession, becoming a viable option for many professionals.

Due to its improved reputation worldwide, most online teaching companies receive an overwhelming number of applications every year. This means that the competition in this job market is stiffer than ever now. Here are helpful tips to be a successful online tutor to help you stand out from everyone else.

Engage your students well

Engagement between student and teacher is essential, whether in a classroom setting or online. Be an engaging teacher that your students look forward to hearing lectures from. In doing so, you can easily get their attention without having to exert that much effort.

Always think of how you can engage your students during your lectures. You could come up with different activities as frequently as you can so they have something to look forward to. You can think of anything accessible and doable at home since that’s where most of your students are.

Maintain the interactivity of your lectures so that your students can easily understand them. Make sure that they can relate to your class by tailoring them to how they learn. Every student has a different learning style, and figuring that out will help you engage them better.

Allot more time to teach

Time is always a vital aspect of education for the institution or company that employed you, your students, and yourself. Without ample time allotted to learning, you can’t thoroughly pick up the essence of any subject. Your availability should be one of your best assets.

This is why companies specify time allocation for online tutors, which aims to remove the disadvantages of living in different locations and timezones. For instance, when locals search for homebased jobs in the Philippines through foreign websites, the employer would always have a specific time set for the candidates. You have to be available during those times or at least be able to adjust your schedule to qualify to be a tutor.

Pay attention to your students

Giving your 100% attention to your students is critical to helping them learn in the best that they can. Concerning one of the previous points, this is how you can determine how your students learn. Pay attention to how they talk and how they perform in certain activities or classes.

This doesn’t only apply when you ask them to participate or recite. You can also see it through the results that they produce. If you notice that they’re more proactive or performing better in specific tasks, then that’s where they can learn from you the best.

Encourage your students to ask questions

Don’t be the tutor who gets annoyed when their students frequently ask questions. Allow them to be curious about things because they can learn more from it. Being curious means they’re thinking critically, and your sessions should be a virtual space where they can exercise that.

If they’re thinking critically, that means they’re actually learning well. They’re analyzing things, which will be more helpful for them as they go on in life. Not only will they be great students, but they’ll come out as competent citizens of the world as well.

Be adaptable

Being able to adapt means that you can help your students in more ways than one. Having that “range,” as the younger generation would say, is an edge over potential competition. If you have the skills to help students get over more than one learning curve, that will make you a more attractive choice.


Your success as an online tutor depends on how much you can and is willing to give to your students. These tips will be useful in achieving that goal and building the foundation for a fulfilling career.


Author’s Bio:

Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer from Asia. Besides writing, he also spends his time traveling and learning about diverse cultures, which opened his heart more to learning and imparting knowledge about ESL.

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