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Ever considered teaching English in Ecuador?


Teach in Ecuador and discover a beautiful world!

Ever considered teaching English in Ecuador?

You absolutely should, it’s a country rich in white sand beaches, the Amazonian rainforest and the breathtaking Andes, so whilst enriching the minds of youngsters, you can also take the opportunity to enrich your own too! 

So what do you need to know about this fantastic country?

  • Ecuador is the closest country to space, no really! The summit of Ecuador's highest mountain ‘Mount Chimborazo’ is located on the equatorial bulge which makes it the point on earth which is closest to the sun - awesome right?

  • You’re quite literally living in the MOST central location because Ecuador is named because the equator runs through the country. 

  • Guinea Pig is a local delicacy… we’ll leave that one with you!

  • There are at least 14 recognised languages spoken in Ecuador with Spanish as the official language, however 13 indigenous languages are also recognised including Quichua and Shuar.

  • Then there’s the Galapagos islands, a volcanic archipelago and a province of Ecuador. These are an absolute MUST see, one to tick off the bucket list during your assignment.

  • 97% of the islands are a national park and they are absolutely jam packed FULL of nature, active volcanoes and even penguins!

  • Speaking of penguins, there’s also the giant Galapagos tortoise (which can live for over a century), sea turtles, seals, birds, fish… the list is endless! Because of the lack of natural predators on the island, the animals don’t generally tend to fear human presence and can often be seen making themselves known to visitors - amazing! Beware though, rules still apply and they do ask that you keep a minimum of 2m away from the wildlife if possible.

  • Ecuador’s currency is the US dollar which makes things nice and easy for tourists

  • A date for your diary is August 10th, the Ecuadorian Independence Day. It’s a public holiday and you can expect to see fairs, military parades and cultural fairs taking place across the country! 

  • And finally a fun fact for you, there’s a monument and line in Quito which is meant to mark the exact point of the equator… but then there was recent re-measurements which show that the equator ACTUALLY lies 240 meters north… oops! 

The Ecuadorian government is giving high priority to English language education in order to improve future life chances and prosperity for young Ecuadorians and so this is an extremely worthwhile project to be a part of.

What does teaching in Ecuador entail? Good question:

  • Teaching in Ecuadorian public schools

  • Approx 30 hours per week of face to face teaching time 

  • 10 hours per week lesson planning and additional school activities

  • Teach either a morning or afternoon shift

  • Attend training and events related to the program at the request of the Ministry of Education

  • Students are 5 - 18 years old

  • Share your knowledge, work alongside local Ecuadorian teachers and help develop English education in Ecuador

Sold on the idea? We thought so… check out more info on applying to teach in Ecuador 

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