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Time to Explore Your Destination

Guest posts

So, you’ve landed in your teaching destination country, you’ve had your (nerve wracking but totally awesome) first day at school, you’ve settled into your temporary accommodation and you’ve even made some friends… so what now? 

It’s time to explore! There’s a whole new country to discover, whether you’re on a budget or you’re ready to splurge your hard earned money, there’s a vast array of ways you can enjoy your destination country… 

Food -

On a budget: It’s pretty much guaranteed that whichever country you’re in, the food is going to be incredible but if you’re looking to enjoy all the cuisine available, then how about getting together with your new friends and trying your hand at cooking some of the dishes for yourself? 

Go wild: Ask around, find out the best places to eat from those who live there and try different places, from street food to fancy restaurants, we can’t wait to see the pics.  

Walks -

On a budget: There are mountains, beaches and all kinds of countryside available and the best part is they’re all free! Head out and get discovering, oh and don’t forget your phone or camera for the instagrammable moments because you’ve got to show everyone back home how awesome it is, right?

Go wild: How about travelling further afield on a weekend? Check out the train times, get a group together and head off to see what you can find

Language -

On a budget: Imagine going home with a whole new language skill on your CV. By getting out and about and experiencing all that your new country has to offer and immersing yourself in the culture, you’ll naturally pick up the language for yourself. Ok, you may not be fluent, but you’ll certainly be able to impress. 

Go wild: Take a look around and see if there are any language classes available to top up your skill set whilst you’re there. 

Shopping -

On a budget: Who doesn’t love a market! You can pick up some amazing bargains when you get hunting. Make it a competition between your friends, who can find the best, the cheapest, the most eccentric… you get the picture! 

Go wild: Some places have dressmakers who can tailor make you a specific outfit you have in mind… could be something to treasure forever once you’re back home right? 

Sightseeing - 

On a budget: Grab a guidebook and get going! Become your own local expert through research and exploring, plus this could be great content for your lesson plans too!

Go wild: Book onto a tour, see if you can find any trips away for a day or two, use those holiday days wisely and we’re sure you won’t regret it, plus, as we mentioned above, it’s technically educational so it’s well worth it. 

Heading out on your teaching assignment in the New Year? Stay in touch! Let us know where you’re heading and how you’re getting on.  Don’t forget to tag us in your pics, oh and have the time of your life! Good luck… 

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