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Spotlight on teaching in Japan


Discover the ancient and the modern in Tokyo!

Teach English in Japan, spotlight on TEFL!

If you’re heading out to Japan to take up your TEFL teaching post in the near future, then we can promise you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. So what do you need to know before you arrive? Here are some handy facts to take note of, some useful, some just really interesting:

  • The Tokyo-Yokohama district is one busy place, it’s home to 33million people (nope, that’s not a mistype). It’s the largest populated metropolitan place in the whole world.

  • We hope you like eating fish! The country eats more fish than any other country around the globe and is the world’s largest importer of seafood.

  • Speaking of fish, whilst you’re taking up residence in Japan, you absolutely have to try traditional Japanese sushi! Having originated in China, the dish made its way over to Japan hundreds of years ago. Fun fact: Sushi in Japan doesn’t mean raw fish and in fact refers to rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt.

  • Other foods you’ll definitely get a taste for include Ramen noodles and Kobe Beef.

  • Whilst you’re teaching English in Japan, you’re in the right place for a lesson on Haiku poetry. A Japanese form of poetry which consists of only three lines. 

  • When Japanese people meet, they prefer to bow rather than shake hands so don’t be surprised if that’s how you’re greeted on occasions.

  • Bring us back some Japanese kitkats - you’ll be aware of the English chocolate version for sure, but in Japan they come in some truly weird and wonderful flavours including Wasabi, grilled corn, camembert cheese, earl grey tea and grape! When in Rome (or Japan)... you get what we mean :) 

  • It’s an excellent place to travel if you’re feeling a tad nervous, especially as Japan has an incredibly low crime rate - you’ll be living in one of the safest countries in the world.

  • A lot of Japanese schools include cleanliness within education so don’t be surprised to see students cleaning toilets, classrooms and dining areas! 

  • If you’re wanting to buy a thank you gift for anyone during your stay, opt for fruit. It’s considered to be an opulent and thoughtful gift! 

  • Best get practising your chopstick skills- they’re a widely used cutlery in the country, especially to enjoy your noodles and rice dishes.

  • If you’re a breakfast on the run kinda person, then you’ll fit right in. A lot of Japanese people tend to eat ready made breakfasts and dinners from the local convenience store.

  • A few other useful tips to remember- the national day is Feb 11th, the currency is Japanese Yen and the time difference is 8 hours ahead of the UK. 

This is a country with SO much to discover, a place where you can relax on a tropical beach one weekend and find yourself strolling under some amazing scenery the next (FYI - You’ve got to see the Cherry Blossoms when they bloom around early April). Be sure to tag us in your Japan pics whilst you’re on assignment! 

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