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Fun Facts for Teaching in China


Discover China!

For TEFLers heading to teach in China, we've prepared a few fun facts about the country to get you started..

If you’re going to live and work in such an interesting country then it’s pretty helpful to know some really rather interesting facts about the place you’ll be calling home! So, here’s some info that’ll make you say ‘Wow!’:

> The entire country has ONE timezone- so 10am in the capital is also 10am 3,000 miles away in the West of the country- so that means, depending on where you’re based you could already be in work by the time the sunrise appears.

> Chinese New Year lasts for not one night but 15 days! They see their New Year arrive in style with Dragon dances, fireworks, parties, meals etc…  What’s even more interesting is that it’s not celebrated on the same day every year as it relies on the new moon between Jan 21st and Feb 20th. We can promise it’ll be an experience of a lifetime for you.

> Did you know that if you laid out the Chinese railway network in one straight line, it would loop all the way around the Earth… TWICE?!

> China builds 73 new skyscrapers A YEAR! Yes that’s a new skyscraper completed every 5 days… talk about fast growing!

> You won’t be able to stay in contact with your family and friends via Facebook whilst on your travels as the Social media network has been banned in the country since 2009.

 > Both Ice Cream and Football are actually Chinese inventions! Ice cream was created 4000 years ago and football over 2000 years ago (originally a ball filled with feathers and hair called ‘Tsu Chu’)

You’ll learn a whole lot more interesting facts whilst you’re there so we don’t want to spoil all the fun…

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