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Teaching in Vietnam - What you need to know!


Teaching in Vietnam - What you need to know! 

Vietnam is a truly stunning country, one that emerged from the shadows of Thailand over recent years and become an idyllic visitor destination in its own right. If you’re heading off on your teaching assignment in Vietnam over the coming months, then here’s some fun facts about your new home… 

> The population of the country is over 94 million people

> If you’re a coffee fan, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE breakfast time. Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing nation (that’s 16% of the world’s coffee) and it’s said to be incredible… 

> There’s a traditional dress called Ao Dai. In days of old, it used to be worn by both sexes but nowadays you’ll most likely see local women wearing this on special occasions such as weddings

> Embrace the Vietnamese cuisine and you won’t be disappointed. It’s well known for its balance of the five Asian elements; spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet. Rice is their staple food followed by noodles (also known as ‘Pho’). Oh, and be sure to get out and about and sample their Street Food culture too…

> Vietnam currency is called ‘Dong’

>Motorbikes are the most common form of transport with almost half the population owning a bike, but beware if you give it a go, you will be fined by authorities for not wearing a helmet (Safety first!). Vietnamese road etiquette can also take some getting used to, chaotic is an understatement! Basically pedestrians just walk and the traffic moves out of the way...

>A practical one for you now: local school children are summoned to class by a traditional gong rather than a bell, so maybe get practicing your gong ringing! 

>Ha Long Bay is 100% worth a visit whilst you’re in the country. It’s so incredibly beautiful that it was listed in the new 7 wonders of nature as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

>If you’re wondering what to pack weather wise, it’s pretty much what you’d expect. July tends to be the hottest (and wettest) month with temps averaging around 29 degrees, and January sees lows of around 17degrees. 

>If you’re lucky enough to be in the country for the Lunar New Year celebrations in January 2020 then you’re in for a treat! Known locally as ‘Tet’, it’s a huge countrywide celebration involving family, friends, decorations and much feasting.

Did you know: It’s tradition for Vietnamese parents to gift their children with a small sum of money to celebrate the new year. This is said to encourage the youngsters to give respect to the parents through the year. 

It’s a country with much to discover and if we tried to list it all we’d be here all day… Be sure to share your Vietnamese pics with us over on our Social Media pages as we love to see what our teachers are getting up to. Now, the only thing left to do is to get out there and enjoy yourself! 

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