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Which TEFL destination is right for you?


Wanderlust is a big driving force behind choosing to start a career in TEFL. People of all ages and backgrounds want to become TEFL teachers for a variety of reasons - wanting to change the lives of pupils, gaining an invaluable qualification, and also to get out and see the world.

A TEFL certification can be a gateway to all kinds of great jobs around the globe, so how do you decide where you want to head to first? You may have bucket list countries or are just willing to go anywhere and everywhere.

In this blog, we’ll run through some of the most popular TEFL destinations and the reasons you may want to consider making them your next destination.

Teach in China

China has a very high demand for TEFL teachers, and as the world’s most populous country this is going to continue for a very long time. Being such a vast and varied country, you’ll never be stuck for things to do or places to see. There’s also a great range of TEFL jobs available - from universities and businesses to much younger learners. China is blessed with historical sites, from the Terracotta Warriors to the Great Wall, so there’s always something new to learn outside of the classroom.

Teach in Japan

TEFL teaching in Japan offers you the chance to get started in a great job throughout the greater Tokyo area, as well as offering some fantastic positions in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Kyushu. Japan offers an experience like few other countries, being one of the most futuristic places you can ever hope to visit. In addition, Japan is very clean and has some incredible art and culture to get lost in.

Teach in Spain

Spain is a great choice for TEFL teachers who don’t want to travel too far and have a very ‘European’ experience. We are now recruiting for a prestigious, professional program which cooperates with more than 200 official private schools all over the country. From incredible landscapes to gorgeous beaches and world-class dining, Spain has everything you might want in your first TEFL adventure.

Teach in Ecuador

Ecuador may not be the first place many TEFL teachers think of when it comes to deciding on their first destination, but Ecuador is one of South America’s, and the world’s, best-kept secrets.

The Ecuadorian government are giving high priority to English language education in order to improve future life chances and prosperity for young Ecuadorians, so TEFL teachers are more in demand than ever. With 530 miles of coastline, Ecuador has some of the world’s most sublime beaches and it’s position near the equator means it feels like spring nearly all year round.

Teach in Vietnam

There are opportunities to teach English in Vietnam across all ages and skill levels, in the country’s bustling capital, Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to be inspired, the natural awe of the Mekong river and Halong Bay can’t be missed, but if you’re a city mouse get ready for bustling Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. From sleepy countryside to buzzing cities, Vietnam is an explorers’ dream.

Teach Online

Maybe you’re perfectly happy where you are, and why wouldn’t you be? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying all your home comforts and getting your first taste of TEFL life teaching English online to students all over the globe. You’ll also be able to find a teaching schedule that suits you. Teaching online can really help you grow in skill and confidence, and maybe even inspire you to venture outside and into the big wide world.

All these destinations and plenty more are available through ESLstarter. Whether it’s a far-flung corner of the globe or much closer to home, TEFL offers a fantastic experience for you and your students.

Discover the impact you can make to the lives of English learners around the world, by applying with us today!

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