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Teach English in Indonesia

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Teach TEFL in Indonesia!

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Caught between the Indian and Pacific oceans, earth’s biggest island nation is warm and welcoming and may be the perfect place for your next teaching adventure.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and is made up of more than 17,000 islands. Probably the most famous of these islands is Bali, which is a tremendously popular tourist destination, but this country is so much more than that.


Aside from teaching, Indonesia has so much to see and do.

Indonesia is home to the Komodo National Park, home of the Komodo Dragon - the closest thing to dinosaurs still in existence. This is just typical of the natural wonders you can experience in Indonesia. The country is located in ‘the Pacific rim of fire’, one of the most active volcanic areas in the world. The island of Borneo, meanwhile, is now synonymous with Orangutans. It is an unmissable experience, renting a Klotok boat down the Seknoyer River and visiting the Orangutan reserve in Tanjung Puting National Park.

There’s also so much history in which to immerse yourself. Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple and is located on the island of Java. With 2,000 relief panels and 500 Buddha statues, this temple is an incredible sight to see.

Bustling cities and incredible countryside

Indonesia is a land of contrasts. You’ve got the chaotic hustle and bustle of Jakarta, the incredible natural wonders of Bali and everything in between. Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital and home to 10 million people, described by The Telegraph as a “melting pot of cuisines and cultures.”

Jakarta is home to cloud-piercing skyscrapers and heaving streets. It attracts people from all around the country to live and work there. Although most locals are Balinese and Javanese, the city is home to a variety of fascinating cultures. As a result, the variety of food and shopping really is something to behold. Public transport is also very reliable and inexpensive. During the day, there’s a host of fascinating museums, but when the sun goes down Jakarta’s nightlife is renowned for being one of the liveliest in Asia.

However, if you want the magnificent beauty of the countryside, there’s a myriad of jaw-dropping places in which to lose yourself and find yourself.

Cost of living

With over 77 schools to choose from, EF can be the perfect partner for your Indonesia TEFL experience. You’ll receive a great local salary of up to 15,000,000 IDR per month plus housing and airfare reimbursement.

In addition, benefits include a housing allowance available for all locations, health insurance coverage, a generous annual holiday allowance and free Bahasa Indonesia lessons.


If you have a Bachelors degree, can commit to one year in Indonesia and are a fluent English speaker, you are eligible to teach English in Indonesia.

As an English teacher in Indonesia, you’ll be able to lead classes of young learners from three to eighteen years old. You’ll take part in English related activities and social events at your school and you’ll be able to use the latest teaching courseware and technologies to deliver your classes.

Indonesian students are full of energy and excitement, so if you’re outgoing, positive and enjoy working with people, teaching in Indonesia is definitely for you. You’ll be able to work with the latest teaching materials as you’re students learn the language in transform into confident speakers of English.

If you’re looking for something more tropical, and want a truly unique experience teaching English to bright and enthusiastic students, whilst exploring a majestic country, Indonesia is for you.

For teaching jobs in Indonesia, visit HERE.

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