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A Few Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad

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Teaching English abroad is becoming increasingly popular. It’s exciting for a lot of reasons and is great way to make a living by doing something a little different!

Why Should You Teach English Abroad?

Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether it’s for fun, a change of scenery, or to learn about different people and cultures, teaching abroad can satisfy many of these things.

Teaching English abroad is a great way to support yourself while exploring and enjoying the world. If you’re already a teacher, you are a leg up on everyone else but if you’re not a teacher in your home country you can get a TEFL certificate which can help you to find a job teaching English almost anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should teach English abroad:

Learn More About Yourself

People who love teaching usually also like travel. It makes sense; they’ve learned about the world while studying so why not want to see it?

Most young people who teach abroad do so for the excitement of exploring the world, they do it for the adventure! 

Often, people experience a gap between finishing school and starting a career AKA “real life”! Teaching abroad can be a great way to get some international experience under your belt, which will serve you will in future job applications.

You may well find that you learn more about yourself while living in a foreign country than you would do at home.

By putting yourself in the focus of a local community thousands of miles from home, you'll quickly discover how to adapt, communicate and thrive on an entirely new level!

You’ll come to understand sides of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

To Support Your Travel Adventures

Supporting your travels is definitely one of the top reasons most people teach English abroad. 

When you teach abroad, you have a place to lay your hat but still enjoy the freedom of travelling to places that might not otherwise be possible. For example, why not teach in Thailand and explore other exciting parts of South East Asia while you are there.

Help Make an Impact

When you teach English internationally, you are making an impact on people from all walks of life.

We all have teachers that we can remember from our days in school - they taught life lessons that we remember to this day, right?

When you teach, you will be providing the opportunity for people to learn a new language and develop their communication skills.

You will influence lives, giving your students the chance to enhance their future prospects by learning English - the international language of commerce.

Experiencing Different Cultures

Travel is important for creating diversity and acceptance around the world. Travel provides the chance to experience different cultures.

It allows the opportunity to try new food, learn a different language, and reaffirms life experience.

Teaching English abroad will allow you to fully immerse yourself into a culture. You will meet so many new people and have countless new life experiences as a result of these connections.

Grow As A Person

As you experience life away from what you are accustomed to and learn more about who you are in the scope of life, you will also grow as a person.

This will be a huge benefit when you move on to the job that will become your career. It’s also a great experience to include on your resume.

The Option For A Life Long Career

Many people go on to teach English abroad as a life long career. As you grow comfortable with your lifestyle and living overseas, you might find that teaching provides the perfect life balance and continue to do it indefinitely.

It’s not uncommon for people who teach English abroad to meet their future life partner, get married, even become an honorary citizen of their host country  It’s also a great way to meet lifelong friends and experience something different.

The first step often involves getting TEFL certified, so check out some courses and pick the one that’s best for you!

Wherever you end up going, we wish you happy travels!

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