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See The World And Help Others


So you’re all set to graduate from college and the age-old question of, “What do I do next?” is creeping up on you. You’ve always wanted to make a difference in other’s lives but you’re not quite sure how you’re going to do it. Why not see the world and help others?

Get Paid To Live, Travel And Work Abroad

If you’re looking to make money while you live and travel abroad there are some really great benefits to teaching English abroad.

In many cases, these jobs will provide free transportation and housing. With the low cost of living in countries such as Thailand, China and South Korea, many teachers find they can even save money and still enjoy an adventurous life exploring these regions of the world.

In Europe and Latin America, many first-time English teachers earn enough to live comfortably while covering their bills (rent, food, transportation) AND enjoy travel and other recreational pursuits. 

Fantastic Job Market

One billion people around the globe enrol in English classes each year. This makes the demand for teachers extremely large.

Companies like ours are looking for great teachers and almost anyone with a college degree can qualify. Those without a college degree can also apply and qualify for positions in some countries.

The biggest concern of most applicants is whether the country they are applying will be a good fit for them. Not everyone can handle remote areas, the sight of poverty, or, sometimes, the disconnect from their home country and family.

Living Like A Local

One of the best experiences people who teach English abroad can have is the opportunity to immerse themselves into the local culture and daily life.

It’s not uncommon to find and live in accommodations in the heart of a town, city, or community. This allows for the complete immersion into local life.

You will quickly be seen as a local and be accepted and invited to local activities and get to know the families of the students you teach.

Build You Resume

Today’s job market incorporates a global economy and employers seek those who have international experience.

Having teaching experience on your resume proves to potential employers that you are adaptable, have a willingness to move outside of your comfort zone, have initiative, welcome challenges and can adapt to new environments.

Teaching English Abroad Opens Opportunities

Teaching English abroad offers exactly the sort of “real world experience” that top-level programs look for from new applicants and provides an experience that will set you apart from your peers. 

Seeking Careers Abroad

If you’re planning to work for the CIA, International Red Cross, United Nations or the State Department, teaching English abroad will give you the kind of international experience that these institutions look for when recruiting employees.

By living and teaching English abroad, you prove that you are willing to work overseas for extended periods of time and that you can work with people from different nationalities, cultures, and linguistic backgrounds.

Travel Teach Travel

If you’re one of those people who is never satisfied with sitting behind a desk and looking at the same four walls all day, teaching English abroad might just suit you perfectly.

When you teach English abroad, you will be given the opportunity to travel around the world. Discovering new cultures, religions, languages and cuisines is one of the best advantages of teaching overseas.

As an English teacher, you will have great opportunities for international travel.

Making A Difference

The most rewarding aspect of teaching English abroad is the sense of satisfaction you will get from knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of the people you will be helping.

As a teacher, you will play a key role in supporting the students you teach to achieve their goals by learning the English language.

This can be an exciting and rewarding part of your life and lead to opportunities that will change your life. The people you can meet, the families that you can help, the experiences that you will have can be life changing and rewarding.

Teach English abroad! For more information or to find out which of our programs is right for you visit us at http://www.eslstarter.com.

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