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Three Great Places to Explore when Teaching in Thailand


Thailand is a large country with many undiscovered gems that tourist pass by in their haste to visit the more popular sites. Although short, the below list is sure to get travelers off the beaten path. Here is a list of the most overlooked sites in Thailand.

Three overlooked places to visit for English teachers in Thailand

Phimai Historical Park

Usually overlooked in favor of the perennially popular Ankgor Wat, this picturesque Buddhist temple complex found at this location predates the other.

While Phimai Historical Park is somewhat smaller than the more famous one, it is also more intact. This tidy spot is certainly not in any danger of being swallowed up by encroaching jungle vines, due to the extensive restoration efforts that have taken place during the past fifty years or so.

A museum is located on the grounds, which helps provide travelers with some historical information about the temple and the surrounding area.

Clean bathrooms are likewise available for visitor use. However, travelers may want to bring their own beverages and sun protection along with them because the heat outdoors here can be intense at times.

Good quality walking shoes or boots are also a must for hiking around the temple complex. Getting inside the park costs around 100 baht ($2.81 USD) for adults.

This spot is located about an hour’s drive from the nearby city of Khorat, which is in the Isan region.

Chang Mai

One of the most overlooked sites in Thailand, there are a lot of attractions in and around Chang Mai for travelers to enjoy.

Good spots to check while you’re visiting the area include the elaborate tunnels that form Wat Umong temple complex and the lovely Mon Tha Thon waterfalls, both of which are located near the base of the Doi Suthep Mountain.

The recently excavated remains of the city of Wiang Kum Kam, which was once ensconced in river mud but has now been brought back to life, can also be found just outside of Chang Mai.

Inside the city itself, travelers can peruse the goods at the famous Night Bazaar or visit any of the numerous historic temples in town such as the noteworthy Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.

The city is even home to an international airport (CNX) but travelers also can arrive by regular train from Bangkok or by bus from various cities in the region.


Although Phetchaburi makes an excellent day trip from Bangkok, the larger city obviously draws far more travelers than this farming community typically does.

This little province can also be considered one of the most overlooked sites in Thailand. However, this town has been inhabited since the 8th century and it is even home to the Royal Khao Wang Palace. Admission to the palace typically cost around 150 baht ($4.21 USD).

There are also cable cars at this spot and taking a ride on them runs around 200 baht ($5.61 USD) for foreign nationals.

Another good place to check out is the local Khao Luang caverns which are free and open to the public. The cave system is home to a 300 year old tree and numerous Buddha statues as well as the usual features such as stalagmites, stalactites, and bats.

Travelers can get the town quite easily by taking the express bus from Bangkok which takes about 2 hours. Arriving by train is also possible but will take much longer and cost considerably more.

The best time of the year to visit Thailand is between the months of November and February when there is not much chance of rainy days and temperatures in this tropical country are at their most pleasant.

However, a good time can be had year-round provided that one doesn’t find the accompanying triple digit temperatures or the monsoon season an imposition on their trip.

There are many beautiful places in this Southeast Asian country that can be overlooked but Thailand is an easy destination to explore. Let us know which is your favorite!

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