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The Best TEFL Destinations 2018

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Take off somewhere exciting and teach English abroad!

Teaching English as a foreign language is a huge career opportunity as there are currently more than 1.7 billion people speaking and learning English around the world. The demand for qualified teachers is so high that you can find a vacant position in all corners of the world, whether it be Asia, South America, the Middle East or Europe. The good news is that you do not need any prior teaching experience or needed to land a teaching position abroad All you need is the drive to explore the world and an internationally accredited TEFL certificate. When taking a TEFL certification course, you learn all the skills necessary to teach any type of student in any classroom worldwide.

2018 is the ideal year to start your TEFL adventure and these are the best TEFL destinations this year!

1. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of those destinations that have just recently emerged as an EFL market and it’s one of the fastest growing in Asia at the moment. Teaching English in Cambodia is perfect for people who are looking for a fun experience but maybe don’t have a university degree or don’t speak English as a native language. If you have a TEFL certification and are eager to work in Asia, Cambodia is a great place to start your teaching career.

Get started by taking an in-class TEFL certification course in Siem Reap or Koh Kong City, Cambodia.

2. Czech Republic

Europe is also a popular destination for many who want to teach English overseas. While it can often get a little difficult to secure a work visa in European countries as a non-EU citizen, the Czech Republic doesn’t make it that hard to get a visa. On top of that, the Czech Republic is filled with medieval castles and beautiful old houses on cobblestoned streets.

Get started by taking a 4-week in-class TEFL certification in Prague.

3. Mexico

Because of the close trading ties with the United States, Mexico is one of the best places to teach English as a foreign language. TEFL certified teachers won’t have difficulties finding a teaching position in the beautiful land of the Aztecs. Whether you want to work in the capital Mexico City, near the ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum or at the beach in Cancun, you’ll find vacant positions everywhere.

Get started by taking an in-class TEFL certification course in Chiapas, Mexico.

4. South Korea

South Korea is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for teaching English as a foreign language these days. The land of the morning calm attracts because of its high teacher salaries, great benefit packages and extras like paid airfare and housing. Another great thing about Korea is the EPIK program, for example. This government scheme places foreign teachers into public schools throughout the country. The TEFL Academy has a very helpful guide to teaching English in South Korea.

Get started by taking our 10-day combined TEFL certification course in Seoul, South Korea.

5. Spain

Besides the Czech Republic, Spain has the strongest demand for qualified English teachers in Europe. The main hiring seasons for teaching jobs in Spain are mid-September through mid-October and right after January 6th every year. Teachers with a TEFL have much higher chances of getting hired in Spain and interviews are usually done face-to-face so be ready to look for jobs directly on the ground in Spain instead of from abroad.

Get started by taking an in-class TEFL certification course in different cities in Spain.

6. Taiwan

Another amazing teaching destination in 2018 is Taiwan. Located in the tropics of East Asia combines rich cultural heritage with high-tech modernity and has a high demand for TEFL qualified teachers. Just like South Korea, schools in Taiwan also pay good salaries and benefits to their teachers. On top of that, Taiwan has year-round warm weather and fascinating scenery with beautiful beaches and mountains to explore.

7. Russia

You might not be surprised to hear that a country as vast as Russia also boasts one of the largest job markets for English education. Most positions can be found in large cities, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg, where teachers are mostly employed by private language institutes. These types of schools mostly only hire native English speakers who hold an internationally accredited TEFL or TESOL certification.

Get started and take our 4-week in-class TEFL certification course in Moscow, Russia.

8. China

China is currently home to the largest job market for English teachers in the world. With more than 300 million English learners in China alone, there are more vacant teaching positions around China than teachers to fill them with at the moment. This allows you to head to China and pick and choose where in the country you’d like to base yourself. It’s also important to note that the Chinese government has tightened the laws regarding English teachers in recent years and now only grants visas to applicants who possess an internationally accredited TEFL certificate.

Get started with your 4-week in-class TEFL certification course in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai or Chongqing.

Where are you going to English abroad in 2018?

Whether you are drawn to teaching English in Asia, Latin America or Europe, the demand for qualified teachers is high in many parts of the world in 2018. Get TEFL certified and start your EFL career in a matter of months!

Author bio: This article was written by Linda, a TEFL/TESOL counselor at International TEFL and TESOL Training. Linda has been working in the EFL field for several years and taught English in China and South Korea. She’s been permanently based in South Korea since 2015 and also shares her stories on her own blog Linda Goes East.

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