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Best Reasons to Visit Thailand


Come and teach in Thailand!

Known as the land of a thousand smiles, Thailand is a popular destination for travelers of all budget levels and prospective English teachers who plan on staying in the country for longer periods of time. However, it’s affordability makes it a prime vacation destination for young adults who want to get the most for their travel dollars. Visitors to Thailand can get by on a basic budget of around $30 per day, but a slightly higher rate of $67 per day will have you enjoying a far more luxurious trip. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to consider visiting Thailand, no matter how long you ultimately choose to stay.

Can We Say Subtropical Weather?

Thailand is known for its great weather, which is generally warm and sunny year round. However, the country does have three distinct seasons: cool, wet, and hot. The cool season runs from November to February and is most noticeable in the northern parts of the country. The hot season, when temperatures can easily reach the triple digits, runs from March to June. The monsoon season starts in July and hits its stride by September, continuing until sometime in October. The country’s southeast coast is one notable exception to this rule. There, it rains between May and October and has its dry season from November to February.

It’s Got Great Culture

The country’s relaxed vibe and friendly natives will have you feeling right at home from the moment you arrive. You certainly won’t go hungry either since Thai food is regularly ranked among the world’s best, with each region providing you with new delicacies to sample. There’s also plenty of cultural sites in the country that are worth visiting as well. After all, the landscape is covered with temples, called wats and ancient ruins. These structures come in a wide variety of architectural styles and states of repair, many of them dating back centuries. Thailand is also known for its fun festivals, such as the Songkran water fight and the much-televised lantern festival. If you’re looking for small, traditional towns in the middle of nowhere or bustling, cosmopolitan cities, this country has you covered.


There’s Also Plenty to Do & See

Hanging out on the sandy, white beaches is certainly one of the more common pastimes in Thailand, which is not surprising since the country is a tropical paradise. Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and other watersports are also popular here.Travelers who are looking for more than just a place in the sun can get their adrenaline pumping with activities such as whitewater rafting, hiking, and ziplining. Or they can partake of more relaxing activities such as visiting elephant sanctuaries, going shopping in the traditional markets, and watching the native wildlife in the countryside. On the other hand, places like Bangkok are known for their vibrant nightlife and the country’s Full Moon parties have gained plenty of international interest. So, if you want to party until dawn, this country is a good place to do just that. Or you can simply sit on the beach the entire time, getting a tan and drinking tropical fruit juices. It’s
up to you.

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