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Why teaching English abroad could just be for you!

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Teach abroad and get paid to see the world!

Here’s a quick rundown of the main reasons why this career could be the life for you!

1. It’s a real job that also allows you to see the world. Got family members to pacify as you pursue your
dreams? You know, the annoying ones that overuse the word practical or sensible when you talked about
your globetrotting plans. There’s a practical way to get around that. You’ll be making money, seeing new
places, and also working in the real world. What could be better?

2. You don’t like prepackaged travel experiences. Not only does living in a country provide you with a
unique look at another culture, it also allows you time to discover the non-touristy spots. That certainly
beats the monotonous grind of the daily commute!

3. It’s a good way to defray travel expenses. Teaching English will allow you to make some money as
you journey around the world and it provides you with good work-life balance. Having a job additionally
provides you with a home base abroad, which you can use as a stepping stone to further adventures
whenever your school has a holiday or whenever you simply want a weekend away. 

4. You’re an extrovert who craves real human interaction. Although introverted travelers don’t mind
spending days without talking much to anyone and are perfectly happy to travel by themselves, extroverts
who can’t find traveling companions tend to avoid going abroad in similar situations. They’re often the
ones who are worried about being lonely. The way to get around this problem is by taking a job as an
English teacher since these folks spend a lot of their work day interacting with others. You won’t find
yourself alone for too very long.

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