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5 More Great Reasons to Teach English Abroad


Teaching English abroad can open the door to amazing experiences!

In my previous article, I discussed some of the main reasons that teaching English abroad can be an ideal career choice for wannabe travelers. Although I hit the highlights, I didn’t cover all the other reasons why these sorts of jobs are certainly worth considering. The list that follows includes some other reasons why teaching abroad might be an ideal career choice for you.

1. Teaching English abroad helps you learn valuable work skills and provides you with international work experience that will make you more attractive to employers, especially if you decide to move back to your home country at some point. It can also enhance your graduate school application, should you decide to pursue additional education.

2. It’s a career that can provide you with a good work-life balance. While teachers do have to take care of paperwork and lesson planning once they’re out of the office, they still get a lengthy summer vacation and plenty of holidays throughout the year. As a result, this is a job that will allow prospective employees to spend some time both at work and at play.

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3. If done correctly, teaching English abroad can help people save money that they can use to pay off their student loans or fund future travels. Prospective teachers should search for a place with high teacher salaries, a low cost of living, or both. Just remember to factor in the exchange rate, if you won’t be paid in your home currency to make sure that you’re getting a good deal.

4. It turns out that people from places like Australia, the United Kingdom, and America have spent their entire lives honing a viable skill without even realizing it. After all, English is currently the main language that’s used for world commerce and trade. It’s also popular with people who plan on working in the tourist industry. As a result, there is a great demand for English teachers in other countries.

5. There are options available for everyone. People who aren’t fond of children or morning hours can easily obtain jobs teaching English to adults in the afternoons and evenings. Those that only want to work for a few hours a day can find online teaching positions that don’t require them to put in a full day. Some of these positions even provide their employees with lessons plans, which certainly helps simplify the teaching process.

As you can see, this is a clearly a career that prospective international travelers should investigate further!

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