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Why teaching TEFL will enhance your CV

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Looking to move forward in your career? Or get accepted into a prestigious university? Then teaching TEFL will certainly give your CV the boost it needs. You may not have considered teaching abroad but Teaching English as a Foreign Language gives you a chance to live and work in many countries.

Taking part in the TEFL experience will enhance your future career prospects. Looking for a new role can be extremely competitive so it is very important to stand out from the crowd. Teaching abroad is a stand out aspect of any CV and it is a great opportunity to get noticed. Teaching English as a Foreign Language will not only expand your skills but it will allow you to learn about new cultures and open doors of opportunity in the future.

Not only does teaching abroad give you transferable skills, it shows you have a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, channel your inquisitive mind and explore the world. A successful and enjoyable period teaching proves to others that you can thrive in a new and potentially challenging environment. Communication is a key aspect in any career and teaching TEFL improves both your written and verbal communication skills.

Teaching English in front of a class will develop your presentation and public speaking abilities, alongside evolving your personality. As an English teacher you will learn these skills every day in your classroom. The ability to host a presentation or demonstration in front of your peers and keep them engaged will be an asset your future boss will appreciate. If you usually struggle to stay organised then becoming a teacher will train in you in lesson planning, marking work, juggling tasks and keeping calm under pressure. Deadlines and targets are something you may have to face in your future job role or during your time in further education.

When teaching TEFL you will want to encourage your students to try hard, do their best, pass their exams and learn effectively. Meeting these targets during your experience as a teacher will help you become a reliable and motivated individual as well as one that can lead and motivate others.

Among many characteristics, teaching abroad will give you fantastic expertise in leadership. You will become a more patient and compassionate individual, and meeting new students and host families will build your confidence. All of these attributes are extremely helpful and also a big advantage when placed on your CV.

During future interviews a potential employer will ask you many questions about your academic record and work experience. Talking about your TEFL work in countries that could be Spain, Ecuador or Brazil will not only make your interview memorable but it will set you apart from other candidates. Being flexible gives future employers comfort in knowing that you can cope with change and adapt to different environments. Teaching abroad broadens your mind and encourages you to become a versatile individual and employee.

Living and working abroad not only allows you to teach others English but it also means you have the time to learn a second language yourself. Being surrounded with a different culture will eventually help you become fluent in another language and overall make you more desirable to employers.

Another characteristic you will develop teaching abroad is being openminded. Changing your perceptions of thinking is an important characteristic and one that you will develop while living and working in another country. This is a great point to add to your CV as employers look for someone that can use their intuitive and work as team.

Many businesses and potential employers prefer their candidate to have life and work experience as they want you to have been in a challenging and hard-working environment. You can prove this to them by referencing your time as a TEFL teacher.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad is a unique and learning experience for everyone, and one that will ensure your application stands out in the future.

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