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Why Teach In Argentina?

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Argentina is beautiful country with a very varied landscape. From the high peaks of the Andes to the glacial wonders of the South, Argentina really packs a punch. Offering exotic and tasty food with a breathtaking backdrop, there really is no reason why you would not want to teach English in Argentina. Becoming an English teacher in Argentina is easy, and you'll be dying to go once you read our reasons why you should apply for our Argentinian TEFL course.

No Qualification

Our Argentinian Internship requires no qualifications or teaching experience, making it perfect for TEFL beginners, or those wanting to hone in on their TEFL skills. The 12 day orientation will ensure you are more than ready to take on what the international schools will have to throw at you, and also make sure you are prepared for daily life in your chosen destination.

Studying for a 120 hour TEFL certificate online means you can work at your own pace and you won't have to rely on others for the completion of your course. Getting hands-on experience will give you the upper hand when completing your qualification and where else is better than being able to teach in Argentina?

Home Stay

Not only will you be able to teach in Argentina, but you will also be able to stay with a local family and immerse yourself into the Argentine culture. Sampling local food, talking the lingo and attending events with your home stay family will allow you to live like a local and truly experience what life is like for a full time, qualified English teacher in Argentina.

You will attend Spanish lessons 4 times a week which would allow you to converse and interact with your family like you would your own. Practising in a casual, real life situation will help you get to grips with the local language and also some conversational topics that may not be covered in your lessons. Learning local slang and non-formal language will help you in lessons when interacting with students and also other teachers who may not always follow formal language patterns.


Becoming an English teacher in Argentina has the potential to be a little bit scary, but after your orientation and help from your link teacher at your school, you'll be fully prepared and equipped to teach English.

Your job will be completely different depending on where your placement is. For example, teaching in Buenos Aires will have you in shorts and t-shirts every day, but you would have to wrap up warm if your placement was in the south. Being an English teacher in Argentina will help you learn more about Argentine culture and the local way of life, making it easier for you to settle into your new surroundings.

Teaching English in any part of the world can be rather hectic, so always ensure you prepare a back up teaching plan for when your school decides to throw a curveball. It may be a good idea to learn about local traditions or events that you can weave into your lesson plans to make your sessions more accessible to your students by providing them with the English names of their favourite foods or pastimes.


Family is at the heart of South American culture, so when you are not fulfilling your duties as an English teacher in Argentina, you will probably be getting to know your host family and the way they live on a daily basis. Being more European than Latin American, the culture will leave you feeling right at home and comfortable in your surroundings.

However, unlike Europe, there are many cultural differences that may surprise you during your stay in Argentina. For example, festivals usually last a whole week! El Dia del Pais is a celebration of an Argentinian writer and poet, usually falling on 10th November, which sees a full week of parties, concerts and feasts to celebrate the anniversary of his birthday. Also, the National Festival of Folklore is another festival that cannot be missed. The 9 day festival celebrates Argentinian and South American music. Bringing music and familiar festivals into lessons is a great way to become an engaging and productive English teacher in Argentina.

There are many social rules and regulations you should read up on before visiting Argentina, to make sure you follow all the social norms and fit in with the local culture. Making sure you research not only Argentina as a whole, but also to research the local area you are placed in to ensure there are no unwritten rules and regulations you should follow. Also ensuring you are aware of basic laws in Argentina is essential, a trip to the local jail is not ideal during your placement!

Teaching in Argentina

Being able to teach English in Argentina is an amazing opportunity, especially because our internship does not require any qualifications and home stays mean you can learn more about culture and language in a way that will not be covered in the classroom. With such a rewarding job and a completely unique experience, our Teach & Learn Internship offers a different option for your gap year or extended holiday for a brilliant and rewarding reason.

If you wish to know more, visit our Teach & Learn Argentina page, or talk to a member of our team at info@eslstarter.com or on 0161 818 2191 (UK) / +1209 348 9814 (US) / Skype eslstarter

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