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10 Reasons to Love Argentina

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If being in the world’s new TEFL hot-spot or the chance to live with a local family just wasn’t enough for you, we want to show you why you should experience Argentina first hand and fall in love with a country that can be sunny at the top, whilst locals spot penguins at the tip. You’ll struggle to say goodbye when it is time to come home and leave Argentina behind… That is if you decide to leave! 

The Andes

The perfect trip for lovers of breath taking views and snow-capped peaks, the Andes lie on the Argentinian border, meaning a trip to the glorious mountain range is a perfect excuse to hop into Chile and discover yet another amazing South American country. Grab your camera and take some impressive shots of these incredible peaks.


You cannot fall in love with Argentina without realising the whole nation is gripped by football fever. With legendary players like Messi and Maradona, the whole country gets behind their national team during competitions, whilst families can be torn apart by supporting rival teams during national contests. Argentina’s first love and constant passion is, and probably always will be, the beautiful game.

Friendly Locals

Local Argentinians want to make everyone welcome in their country, and want to leave a positive impression on both short and long term visitors. You will notice this by living with a host family. Communities are close-knit and are always there to help others in need. Parties and festivals within small settlements and towns are common and spirits are high more often than not. Throw yourself into the positive spirit and you will have an unforgettable time in Argentina.


Step into a country that is almost completely frozen in time. Argentinian architecture is almost entirely from the pre-Colombian age that saw Spanish settlers recreate buildings from their own country. In larger cities, other immigrants also influenced the architecture massively, including the French and Italian influences that can be found dotted around Buenos Aires. The buildings are a huge part of Argentina’s heritage so have largely gone unchanged since the 16th century.


Dancing, music and general festivities play a huge part in Argentina’s culture and in the locals’ day to day life. The Argentine Tango is famous the world over, and is still a big part of entertainment in the country. The passionate dance moves and classic feel to the Tango are reflected in the dance routines of popular music stars in modern day Argentina, and you are more than likely to catch a dance show or even watch dancers on the street during your time in the country.   

Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina holds all of the charm and beauty that has created what the country is today. From the influences from previous colonial eras from time gone by, to the modern amenities like an amazing nightlife scene and some of the best shopping destinations in South America. The capital is great for exploring South America’s discovery and dancing until dawn.

World Class Wine

One of Argentina’s greatest exports is, of course, its wine. Visitors and locals alike go crazy for Malbec and with such low prices, it is only to be expected. Argentine Malbec is very different to other varieties (including French and US) due to the varying climate. As the country experiences both warm and cool weather at the same time in different locations, it is possible to get hints of many different fruits in just one glass.

Low Cost Of Living

Many people find themselves falling in love with Argentina, only to move there a few months later, however, many people worry about the cost of living. It has been found that many expats in Argentina from America and Britain have found that they have to work a lot less to make the same amount of money they would back at home. Locals and expats do not need much money to get by; saving is easy and heading out for excursions and nights out is even easier. If you do not like to worry about money, debt or getting by, Argentina is the country for you.


Whether you enjoy sweet treats of savoury indulgences, Argentina will serve up a dish that you will find yourself craving for years to come. Steaks, stews and broths make up a hearty diet in the cooler months, but when the sun shines it’s all about barbeques, empanadas and provoleta, all drenched in chimichurri. Argentinians know how to eat, as it is another part of their lives that has been greatly affected by the immigrants all those years ago. Such a wide taste palette means there is something for everything in Argentina and it is becoming a popular option all across the world.


If there is one thing Argentina does better than the rest of the world, it is parties. With many national holidays and festivals, the whole country comes together to celebrate independence, Easter, and even just a day of tradition. Be sure to get involved in the festivities during El Carnaval del Pais, which takes place two weeks prior to Lent, and it Argentina’s own version of the New Orleans spectacle of Mardi Gras. Living with a local family will mean you will not be able to miss out on any celebrations, which cannot be anything but amazing! Getting involved in all of the goings on in the local area will help you get settled and meet more people in the surrounding area.

Fall in Love with Argentina

You can experience all of these and even find your own reasons for others to fall in love with the country when you spend 3 to 12 months living with a local family and teaching English in a school to attentive and ambitious students. Sample incredible food, attend world class parties and join in with a local game of football, or even cheer on the national team during big matches and you will find it difficult to come home. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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