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The 6 Best Things About Living in Thailand

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Thailand has been known for years as the ultimate destination for living out bucket list wishes and has been subject to long term travel goals for even longer, so there must be a number of reasons why people find themselves heading back to the South of Asia time and time again. A perfect balance of ancient countryside, luxury coastlines and modern marvels, Thailand has all the pulling factors you could want from a long term travel destination.

Low Living Costs

The cost of living in Thailand is extremely low compared to that in western countries. With street food meals costing just pennies and incredibly low rent rates meaning apartments with huge bedrooms and even swimming pools and be affordable for those who struggle to afford a tiny one bedroom apartment back at home. Earning what seems to be a smaller wage when working in Thailand would actually equate to a lot more due to those extremely low living costs. Many teachers worry they would not be able to get by on a smaller wage, however, when they return home we have found that they have been able to enjoy themselves, see the sights and live very well whilst in Thailand without worrying about money at all.

The Food

With oodles of noodles and lashings of spice, Thai food is a combination of ancient recipes and convenience. Finding food on the street is just as easy as heading into a fancy restaurant, and is more likely to be exactly what the Thai locals are eating themselves. Near the cost, you will find street food vendors using beautiful freshly caught seafood, whereas in the city, chicken and eggs are the main source of protein; street food vendors will use the best ingredients they can find nearby, whereas larger restaurants are more likely to import foods. Thai food offers something for everyone, from the mildest of palettes to the spice worshippers. It’s all about fresh ingredients, low prices and tasty flavour combinations that you may not have thought could work. You cannot leave the country without tasting and being comforted by an authentic Pad Thai or a tasty Green Curry.

The Friendly Locals

Thai people are bought up to respect their elders and those around them, especially visitors to the country. Offering the warmest of smiles and an innocent sense of humour, Thai people are very happy and welcoming contrary to various rumours. You may be told to be way of the scammers on the street or people offering tickets to shows you’d rather not see but these people are trying to make a living, much like yourself. Respect those around you in Thailand and the locals will respect you too. 95% of Thai people class themselves as Buddhist and the peaceful nature of the religion is reflected in the day to day values and attitude of the majority of the population. The religion is against violence and any negative behaviour, so you know you will be in safe hands when around a huge proportion of Thai locals.

The Nightlife

Many tourists in Thailand head to the country purely for the incredible full moon parties and world renowned nightlife it boasts. A true party destination, Thailand offers tourists some of the best parties they will ever attend. All night beach parties, or full moon parties, were created in Thailand on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, and have become popular the world over, with many popular tourist destinations now offering their own versions of the parties. Chaing Mai, Phuket, Bangkok and Hua Hin all have their own versions of popular nightlife options, some calmer and more relaxed, and some definitely reserved for those who love to party hard. Find the right destination for you, but remember you have a job to do!

The Ancient Culture

Whilst Thailand’s nightlife appeals to the modern tourist, the country’s ancient wonders have astounded visitors for hundreds of years. As well as religious monuments and inspired architecture, Thailand boasts a lot of unique and spiritual experiences and traditions that tourists and locals alike love to get involved with. A trip to Thailand, whether short or long, is never complete without a traditional Thai massage, and living in the country means you can indulge in a relaxing treatment on a regular basis. Stress is not something that exists in Thailand, nor do they want to introduce it to the country. Respectfulness plays a huge part in Thailand’s culture and many behaviours that are considered rude go very far back. For example, you should not expose the soles of your feet, so bear this in mind when sitting cross-legged at a table. You should also avoid touching anyone’s head at all costs, as this is considered the height of bad manners.


If you don’t intend to drive in Thailand, you probably have the right idea. Public transport is available everywhere and the rules of the roads can be very difficult to follow in such a busy and hectic flow of traffic. Busses are one of the most popular ways to travel in the country and due to the low travel costs, it would be a lot cheaper for you to rely on public transport during your time in Thailand. Riding in a tuk tuk is definitely worth doing before returning home, however, be careful when bargaining a price before you set off, as many drivers will hike up their prices for non-locals. Hotel and hostel staff will be able to advise you on a reasonable price to bargain for with a driver. With taxis, tuk tuks, busses, motorcycle taxis and minibuses dotted around every town and city in Thailand, you will never not be able to return to your base.

Life in Thailand

You should be able to enjoy a laid back experience in Thailand, it would be hard not to with money to spare and a belly full of good food! Obviously, if you are planning a longer trip you should speak to experienced travellers or travel experts before heading out for additional tips and ways of life that will help you get by during your extended time in Thailand. Talk to an experienced member of staff at ESLstarter today to start your journey to Chaing Mai or Hua Hin with our Explore Thailand program.

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