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How To Teach English In India – 10 Tips!

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Vast India with such richness of color, culture, and sound is world famous for its hospitality. If you are interested in a TEFL internship and have dreams to teach English abroad, then it’s time to pack your bags and update your passport. Intriguing India awaits you! Teach English in India and return home not only with an enhanced resume, but also with fascinating tales of rides in rickshaws, scrumptious cuisine, and beautiful, imaginative people. India’s diverse culture can be overwhelming to a first time visitor. For those who have the delightful opportunity to teach English in India, here are some tips that may help prepare you:

  • Drink bottled water and, to be on the safe side, eat what has been boiled or fried. If you eat fresh fruit, eat the kind you peel yourself.
  • Pack your flip-flops! Feet are considered unclean. Many temples require visitors to remove their footwear. When you take a break from your TEFL internship in order to be just another tourist, you don’t want to forever be lacing and unlacing your shoes.
  • As you pack your bags in preparation to teach English abroad, don’t forget a set of earplugs. Cities in India can be quite an assault on the senses. They are bustling with activity and LOUD!
  • Toilet paper is not a guarantee. English teachers in India should always carry their own personal supply. And, if you see a jug of water by the toilet, it’s to help with the flush!
  • Trains are punctual, sometimes only stopping for a few minutes. It will probably be mayhem at the station so arrive early.
  • Relax. Although the trains may be punctual, the rest of India follows a different schedule. English teachers and TEFL interns, always keep in mind that India flows along with a sense of its own time.
  • Be patient!
  • Although your purpose is to Teach English in India, you can always impress the locals with a few words in their own language. “Namaste” is a typical respectful greeting commonly used. “Shukriyah” means thank you, “krupiyah” means please. “Madada” is Hindi for help.
  • Pack clothes that are comfortable and conservative. Indian culture is a culture of modesty. As you teach English abroad, always be respectful.
  • Electricity sometimes takes a break in India. Often, for a couple of hours in the morning and again for a couple of hours in the afternoon, you may need to teach English in India the old fashioned way and so don’t forget to pack the chalk!

An incomparable cultural experience awaits you in India. A TEFL Internship or English teaching position in India is a life event that helps others while at the same time produces personal growth. If your dream is to teach English abroad, make India your destination.

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