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Teaching Jobs in Cambodia

Earn a salary of minimum $800 monthly plus On-line TEFL certificate, orientation upon arrival and 6 or 12 month teaching job in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's charistmatic capital city!

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  • About the TEFL Course
  • Locations
  • Why this program?
  • Country snapshot
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On-Line 120 hour TEFL Certification followed by teaching job in Cambodia. Start October 2015 - JUST

Teaching in Cambodia Program includes

  • 120 hour Advanced TEFL certificate (must be completed prior to departure)
  • 6 or 12 month teaching placement in Phnom Penh (capital city of Cambodia)
  • Approximately 25 teaching hours per week
  • A monthly salary of at least US$ 800. Cambodia is one of the least expensive countries in the world to live in* and so your salary goes a long way!
  • Airport transfer
  • 2 day orientation in Phnom Penh upon arrival. Your chance to: Free guidebook with this program!
    • Meet other native English speakers who will be sharing this experience with you
    • Get prepared for your placement through expert local knowledge, support and guidance
    • Brush up on cultural do’s and don’ts in Cambodia
    • Relax and check out the sights
  • Accommodation is free for the duration of the orientation
  • Visa assistance**
  • Cambodian SIM card so that you can connect instantly with your new friends!
  • FREE Latest Edition Lonely Planet guidebook
  • Go further! More TEFL job assistance after your Cambodian adventure!

* average monthly salary in Phnom Penh is between US$60 and US$100 per month
** please note, applicants are responsible for their own visa costs

A lone fisherman plies his trade off Sihanoukville, a popular beach resort in Cambodia.

How does TEFL Teach Cambodia work?

  • Get your TEFL qualification On-line prior to departure
  • Take part in a full orientation
  • Start your teaching adventure and gain heaps of actual classroom based TEFL teaching practice

Teach in Cambodia dates

  • October 2015​

Deadline for applications

  • September 20th (October intake)​

About the TEFL course

Get ready to teach in Cambodia with a comprehensive On-Line TEFL course.

  • 120 hour on-line TEFL qualification
  • This is an internationally recognized TEFL qualification
  • Provides comprehensive introduction to EFL methods
  • The right preparation for life in the classroom for those with little or no teaching experience
  • Gain a deeper understanding of advanced teaching techniques
  • Get the qualification without leaving your home
  • Receive expert guidance and ongoing support from experienced, well-qualified tutors
  • Gain access to the best jobs with this internationally recognized qualification
  • Get an instant edge over other candidates by becoming TEFL certified
  • Work at your own pace without time restrictions!

Placement locations

The teaching placements are located around Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city.

About Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a dusty, hotbed of activity – a city on the move! Laid back colonial charm exudes on the waterfront, with its impressive collection of swanky expat bars and restaurants. Downtown brims with traffic, noise, people and commotion. Phnom Penh is also emerging as Cambodia’s most hip and happening tourist magnet. Temples, spas and coffee houses jostle for position while travel agencies and street vendors ply their wares along the meandering river front. This city is brash, in your face and seeps into your every pore!

All waterways lead to Phnom Penh - the early evening commute on the TonLe Sap!

4 great reasons to teach in Cambodia

  • Teach at private schools throughout Cambodia’s compelling capital city of Phnom Penh
  • Teach from Kindergarten to High School level (successful candidates will be assigned a placement by the regional coordinators)
  • Teaching schedule is approximately 25 hours per week
  • Placements are in private schools meaning smaller classes sizes and greater resources for teachers

Cambodia can feel like South East Asia’s final frontier. It is a country with a turbulent history. Heavy carpet bombing during the 1970s and the gruesome reign of the Khmer Rouge have had a profound effect on the national psyche. Thankfully, Cambodia is beginning to experience an upturn in fortunes. Despite much of the population living on less than US$1 per day, Cambodia’s tourism industry is thriving. The lure of temples, unspoiled beaches and the heart-felt generosity and spirit of its eternally optimistic population are key factors in Cambodia’s re-emergence onto the world stage.


  • Must be native English speaker from UK, IRE, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ or SA
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Culturally adaptable and able to adjust to living in a developing county

Why apply for Cambodia English teaching jobs through ESLstarter?

  • 100s of teachers placed into South East Asia teaching programs every year
  • We will not take any of your salary
  • Minimum monthly salary of US$ 800
  • Low program fees with flexible payment options
  • You can use the TEFL certificate to teach in other countries after Cambodia
  • Assistance with finding accommodation in Phnom Penh
  • Couples and friends welcome to apply together!
  • Full in country support
  • Our staff have taught English abroad and are passionate about helping others teach in this amazing county!
  • Great program for first time teachers and those who would like the security of having everything arranged for them including airport pick up
  • Join our Facebook communities & connect with other ESLstarter Cambodia teachers before you go!
  • Free Lonely Planet Guide book to Cambodia

We’re pretty sure you won’t find more teacher Testimonials anywhere else!


Health Care

Health care and services are extremely basic / non-existent outside of the major urban centers. Standard of care at urban medical centers can be patchy and visitors to Cambodia are advised to take out medical / health insurance prior to arrival. In Phnom Penh, standards of health care at private hospitals is good.


Cambodians are known as the masters of fresh spices and, as a result, the local cuisine tastes fresh, flavorsome and subtle. Dishes are presented with an array of herbs, sauces, pickles, leaves and condiments to make for a sumptuous dining experience. Amok (catfish steamed in a coconut based curry) and with sticky rice is a regional favorite. One of the more unusual dishes is deep fried tarantula, a delicacy not for the faint of heart!

Travelling in Cambodia

There is no passenger train service in Cambodia so overland travel is done by bus or private taxi. Due to heavy traffic in Phnom Penh, one should be cautious when renting a car or motorcycle. Travelling around the major urban centers is often best undertaken by bicycle or tuk tuk. If you are travelling by tuk tuk, be sure to agree on a price first!

What to bring

Save on baggage allowance by leaving your winter wardrobe at home. The temperature in Cambodia rarely gets below 28 degrees so sweaters and jackets are not necessary! Here's a quick check-list of what we'd recommend bringing with you:

  • Smart, conservative clothes for work
  • Summer clothes
  • Umbrella (for rainy season)
  • Beachy stuff like flip-flops and swim-wear
  • Sun-tan lotion
  • Shades
  • Hat
  • Mosquito repellent

Fast Facts Cambodia

  • 64 - percentage of Cambodian population made up by females
  • 49.7 – life expectancy in Cambodia
  • 50 – percentage of population aged under 15
  • Sompeah – name of traditional Cambodian greeting which is made by pressing the palms together
  • Angkor Wat – eighth Wonder of the World and one of Cambodia’s most extraordinary monuments
  • National Flag – Cambodia’s flag is the only one in the world to feature a building!
  • 800 – species of fish in Cambodia’s waters
  • Spiders – can be served as a local delicacy!
  • Tonle Sap – the largest inland lake in South East Asia is in Cambodia


What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and once you have completed a TEFL qualification, you can teach ESL abroad in a wide variety of countries. There are a few different types of courses for teaching English in Asia, the UAE and many unique destinations, however TEFL and TESOL courses (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are the most common.

How do I learn TEFL?

You can learn TEFL in a number of ways including university courses and even internships in various locations such as China and Argentina. English Language teaching allows you to broaden your horizons and gain experiences you will not find anywhere else. Learning TEFL will allow you to embark on various different adventures including teaching in Asia, South America and the Middle East and considering global language training is becoming increasingly popular, international schools are always crying out for additional ESL teachers.

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Teacher Testimonials

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