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Teach English in Korea

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Here we provide a dedicated resource for everything you need to know about teaching English in Korea and becoming an ESL teacher there.

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Watch video

Ever wondered about what it's like to teach in Korea?

Watch Jessica's video about teaching English in Korea.

Apply to teach in Korea

Teach at a public school in Korea - apply through ESLstarter and get your place secured!

Our guide to Korea teaching jobs

A comprehensive guide to teaching in Korea including requirements, application process, pay-scale, sample contract, FAQs, orientation video, on-line application and more.

Teaching jobs in Seoul

We have some excellent opportunities available to work at public schools throughout Korea's capital city with the Seoul Ministry Of Education.

Top 10 TEFL Tips for Teaching English in Korea!

Everything from meeting the eligibility requirements to preparing yourself for a culture shock - we've got it covered in our Top 10 TEFL tips!

Getting a teaching visa for Korea, public schools

All you need to know about how to get your teaching visa for the public schools in Korea

South Korea province guide

A guide to the cities and provinces of Korea.

How to apostille documents

Country by country guide of how to get the Apostille.

How to Get a Criminal Record Check

Anyone planning on teaching in South Korea has to provide a clean criminal record check. Find out how to get one.

South Korean embassy and consulate directory

All roads lead to the South Korean embassy (or consulate)! Find them in your country with our comprehensive South Korean embassy and consulate directory.

Culture and customs in Korea

From introductions to business etiquette and even the odd urban legend - find out all about the culture and customs of South Korea.

Teacher's housing in Korea

Information and pictures on the type of accommodation ESL teachers can expect to find.

Living costs in Korea

From a tube of toothpaste to a bottle of beer - how much do things actually cost in South Korea?

Seoul subway map & Korail train info

Find your way around South Korea's rapid transit subway system and find out how to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul.

Our guide to teaching with TaLK

Teach in Korea with the TaLK Program. Features an application guide including introduction to the TaLK Program, requirements, benefits, responsibilities, sample contract, FAQs and more!