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Guide to Ulsan, Korea

Introducing Ulsan

Population - 1,087,958

Shopping in Ulsan

Photo by Lauren Crommett

Ulsan is Korea's industrial heartbeat, home to Hyundai's corporate base and the world's largest shipyard. It's a seaside metropolis of 1.2 million inhabitants with a sizeable expat community. Perhaps as a result of its heavy industry, Ulsan exudes a gritty charm. From Seongnamdong, the old down-town area to Jujeon beach, where steamed crab and raw fish are served in time honored tradition, the welcome here is heartfelt and down-to-earth.

Photo by Jimmy McIntyre



Ulsan's university area is awash with bars, restaurants, PC-rooms, street stalls and fun!

Jinha beach

For swimming and water-sports, this is one of the best around. The area is overlooked by a Japanese fortress.

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