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Guide to Seoul, Korea

Introducing Seoul

Population - 10,421,782


Photo by Hayley Wood & Richard Lindie

Seoul offers a giddying array of choices to the intrepid traveller. From all night karaoke sessions to soothing hot springs, from the traditional markets of Namdaemun to the chic shopping district of Apgujeong, this is a futuristic yet ancient city which moves at a frantic pace. Seoul whirls to a crescendo via the N Seoul Tower which perches proudly atop Mount Namsan. From here, awe-inspiring 360 views of the city are to be had!


Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gateway to the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongbokgung is the largest of Seoul's palaces. The name translates as the 'Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven' and you can check out colorful ceremonies such as the changing of the guard as well as taking a guided tour.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Photo by Hayley Wood & Richard Lindie

N Seoul Tower

For amazing views of this sprawling metropolis, a visit to N Seoul Tower is a must. If you are feeling energetic, it's possible to walk up to the tower all the way from downtown Myeongdong. Alternatively, take a cable car right to the top!


Offering a fascinating insight into Korean culture and crafts, Insadong is not to be missed. The bustling streets around Insadong bring together artists, chefs, painters, poets and craftsmen, allowing a unique opportunity to explore traditional Korean crafts, folk music, cuisine and products.


Vibrant, cheeky and eclectic, Hongdae is Seoul's most buzzing nightlife hub. Live music venues, swanky bars, hip coffee shops and all night clubbing are all available here!

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