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Guide to Jeollabuk, Korea

Introducing Jeollabuk-do

Deogyusan Ski Resort

Photo by Hayley Wood & Richard Lindie

Idyllic Jeollabuk-do comprises rolling national parks, jutting mountains and some of the best hiking in Korea. The province is ski heaven in the winter and home to a collection of acclaimed alpine resorts. Summers are for beach-combing and enjoying the pristine islands off Jeollabuk-do's west coast.


Naejangsan National Park

From bright crimson leaves in Fall to blooming cherry blossom in Spring, whenever you visit, Naejangsan National Park exudes timeless natural beauty.

Deogyusan Ski Resort

Nestled at the base of the Deogyusan Mountains, this huge ski resort has six slopes graded at varying levels of difficulty. For experts, the Raiders Course has the steepest slopes anywhere in the country.


Birthplace of the Joseon dynasty, historical Jeonju showcases an impressive collection of traditional hanok buildings. The city is also famous for introducing bibimbap (vegetable, meat, egg, rice and hot sauce) to the world.


Photo by Carissa Heighway

Major cities

  • Jeonju (pop. 633,685)
  • Jeongeup (pop. 139,876)
  • Gunsan (pop. 277,491)
  • Namwon (pop. 104,198)
  • Iksan (pop. 317,920)
  • Gimje (pop. 115,865)

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