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Guide to Chungnam, Korea

Introducing Chungcheongnam-do

Photo by Jon Tamlyn

Chungnam-do, home of the July mud festival, fastest growing economic region of Korea, and source of some of the country's best beaches, is a province in the west of Korea. Chungnam-do hosts 85 square miles of unspoiled beaches and counts Mount Gyeryong (845 meters) as its highest peak. Korea's futuristic new capital of Sejong City will also be located in Chungnam-do.


Daecheon Beach

3.5 kilometers of golden sands fringed by motels, karaoke bars, seafood restaurants and populated by fun-seeking weekend city escapees.

Daecheon beach

Photo by Jon Tamlyn

Gyeryongsan National Park

'Rooster Dragon Mountain' is a superb national park with some interesting rock formations up amongst the rugged mountain peaks.

Major cities

  • Asan (pop. 250,000)
  • Boryeong (pop. 109,401)
  • Cheonan (pop. 543,309)
  • Gongju (pop. 131,140)
  • Nonsan (pop. 43,845)
  • Seosan (pop. 163,055)
  • Gyeryong (pop. 40,950)

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