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Guide to Busan, Korea

Introducing Busan

Population - 3,635,389


Photo by Anne Kerkian

Busan is a city on the up, quite literally! Korea's second largest metropolis hosts the world's biggest shopping center and has plans in place to build Lotte Super Tower, which, when completed, will reach a whopping 510 meters making it the third tallest building in the world. The city is famous for its movie industry, seafood and close proximity to popular Korean beach hot spots!


Shinsegae Centum City Spaland

A must for unwinding on a cold winter's day! Spaland offers a smorgasbord of spa, steam-room, sauna and relaxation areas and is located inside the largest department store in the world.

Gwanganli beach

1.4 kilometers of sandy white beach situated a stone's throw from downtown Busan. With plenty of restaurants, bars and coffee shops lining the beach area, easy accessibility by subway (Line 2, Geumnyeonsan, Exit 1) and less crowds than Haeundae beach, Gwanganli is the perfect weekend chill-out destination.

Gwanganli beach

Photo by Jon Tamlyn

Busan Tower

Amazing views across Busan's docks, downtown, markets, temples, beaches and coastline!

Photo by Lauren Crommett

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