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Diploma TEFL: 240 Hour Course

The course offers participants the opportunity to undertake guided research without the pressures normally associated with such courses. It is hoped that participation in the course will give people confidence to undertake higher level courses and to make a contribution to TEFL theory. The completed project should enhance the employment projects of the writer.

Before commencing the first essay there will be two elements to study:

  1. Research methods and resources.
  2. Overview of topics and subject areas plus course expectations.


The course will then consist of two main components:

  1. A short essay chosen from a list of approximately 10 subjects. This must be completed satisfactorily before proceeding to 2.
  2. A 5-6,000 word research project of your choice or chosen from an approved list.

Information will be forwarded in the form of web site addresses or as text files. It is expected that the WWW will be the main research tool for most participants.

After choosing your topic for research, a time schedule must be agreed with your tutor. It is anticipated that the project will take around three months, working at your own pace.

You will work independently but will be expected to consult with your tutor and discuss ongoing work. Final grades [A, B, C, Pass] will be decided jointly by your tutor and an external assessor.

We will be seeking a high standard of work and evidence of original research on this course.

The course is open to all but participants are expected to have a basic working knowledge of TEFL TESOL methodology and theory. Ideally they will have completed a course such as our own Certificate in TEFL.

The Diploma is printed and posted to you at the end of the course in a hard backed A4 envelope along with references and final assessment.

The course is rated at 240 hours.

This course consists of four main units. The trainee also receives a collection of readings which are integral to the course.

Assessment is continuous and based on performance in eight assignments, two for each unit. These mostly take the form of short essays.

The course is graded with 'A' being the highest grade and 'Pass' the lowest.

The course deals with teaching children from age 2 - 15.

Participants in the course receive tutorial advice from a named individual with a minimum of ten years experience of teaching children in at least two countries.

Unit One deals with theories of teaching children and examines some of the problems which may arise. This unit also looks at how to deal with students using only English in the classroom.

Units Two, Three and Four consider the differences between teaching the three main age groups. Each unit also examines materials and activities appropriate to those age groups with detailed advice on using some of them. There are also case studies contributed by working teachers.

General themes recurring throughout the course include the motivation of students and classroom management.

This course requires some knowledge of basic TEFL methods and techniques. Participants should have done a basic TEFL course such as our TEFL Certificate Course before taking this course.

Diploma for TEFL 240 hour course - £160

Module One

  • Introduction
  • Getting the Most from this Course
  • What You Should Know
  • How Do Children Learn?
  • Young Learners and Adults: Differences and Myths
  • Important Information

Module Two

  • Introduction
  • The Students
  • Motivation, Misbehaviour and Discipline
  • What to Teach
  • Materials
  • Activities
  • Storytelling
  • Songs
  • Reading Writing Alphabet
  • Speaking Listening
  • Planning
  • Assignments

Module Three

  • Introduction
  • The Students
  • Needs Analysis
  • Learning Styles
  • Planning
  • Teaching the Seven to Eleven Age Group
  • Assignments

Module Four

  • Introduction
  • The Students
  • Activities and Materials
  • Correction
  • Assessment and Testing
  • Reading Writing
  • Speaking Listening
  • CALL
  • Homework
  • Assignments

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